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From junior to senior year of college, I was president of the environmental club, and a majority of the members were attempting to save the animals one plate at a time. It’s amazing how our social circles and projected persona can impact the way we eat.

As omnivores, we have the ability to eat a wide array of foods, and with our ever improving cooking skills and ability to chemically and genetically morph foods, the list of possible meals continues to grow. It’s both a blessing and a curse, causing us to often turn to our knowledge, awareness, and philosophical beliefs, to dictate the “best” diet for humankind. We are but mere mortals, and often these notions are not always congruent with what nature has determined is ultimately best for our bodies.

I grew up eating a pretty normal American diet as a kid of a mom who was on a budget but also a gourmet.  I ate Lucky Charms™ every once in a while. I was “normal”-ish, but it soon changed. I can still remember that turning moment when the media announced that Cheeriosaccidentally sprayed Durisban, (an insecticide banned in 2001 that kills insects by attacking the nervous system and has been linked to neurological effects, developmental disorders, and autoimmune disorders, on some of their grain silos) and their customer service was not nearly efficient enough to satisfy my mother.  I can still see my mother standing in the kitchen next to our rotary phone yelling at the lady when she was unable to tell my mother whether or not the bright, yellow Cheerios ™ box in her hand had been effected by this toxic pesticide. A General Mills™ product has never been knowingly permitted into the house since.

By the time my mission became to save the planet and to do it by fighting factory farming, I had eaten crunchy enough through my teens that vegetarianism seemed like pretty logical progression. I flip-flopped from veg to omnivore to vegan and back again.

Once I had graduated and moved home to my parents, I was vegan and doing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher training. The ethics portion of the yogic philosophy kept me going strong in my veganism as I began to delve into the topic of ahimsa, or non-harming. My flexibility was improving and I was losing weight. It all seemed perfect, until my joins became so sore that I found yoga to begin to become uncomfortable.

Luckily, my mother is a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a group that supports eating a diet based on that of our ancestors, including organ meats, lots of fat, raw dairy, and especially bones broth.  Bone broth was the key to my rehabilitation. My joints ceased to ache; I had more energy, healthier skin, hair, nails, and even teeth.

It was challenging to mentally come back to eating a diet heavier in animal products, but I soon was beginning to understand, that we must first have ahimsa towards ourselves.

Stocks have been found throughout the cultures of the world for as long as humans have been cooking, and they come with a long list of health benefits from improving digestion, joint, and even thyroid health.  When properly prepared, stocks are extremely nutritious containing gelatin, minerals from the bones, marrow, and vitamins from the vegetables in the form of electrolytes, which are absorbed by the body with ease.  Interestingly, Dr. Francis Pottenger, found that stock supplies hydrophilic colloids to the diet, similar to those of raw fruits and vegetables. Unlike most other forms of cooked proteins, which repel liquids making them harder to digest, gelatin in broths actually attracts liquids even after it has been heated (Nourishing Traditions, Fallon 116).

Living in a society where people so often are seeking youthful skin, healthy joints, and cures to other ailments, stock is a great place to start. What better than cartilage, skin, and bones to support our own? That is exactly what stock does.

Our ancestors’ innate knowledge of healthy cooking is an invaluable resource, and I have yet to hear of any ancestors being vegan.

Now, about 3 years after the flip flopping (minus one last try at ovo-(raw)lacto vegetarianism), I most recently have begun to explore the world of the Paleo Diet, taking on the Whole30 challenge of eating no legumes, sugar or sugar supplements, grains, dairy or alcohol.

While the plan is a short term Paleo extreme as a means of resetting the body and not necessarily a sustainable, long-term diet, it really taught me even more about my body, especially the benefits of taking soy and sugar out of my diet completely.

As a vegan, I found myself avoiding soy, but it was impossible to avoid it when going out. If I went to Starbucks and wanted a latte, it had to be soy, eating the vegetarian options at restaurants, especially Asian, generally all had soy. And yes, I could have drank my coffee black, and I could have ordered my dishes sans soy, but when you are already having to say no to so many other things on the menu, sometimes you just want to be able to order a dish without special instructions.

Grains were another challenge. I’ve been mostly gluten-free for the past 3 years, but it’s not because I have Celiac, it’s because I just feel better, and the way that we process our wheat at this point on the food processing timeline, it just doesn’t leave nearly enough nutrition in it to make it worth the effort of chewing. Being able to eat meat makes eating gluten-free 90% easier than being a vegetarian. Restaurants and cookbooks are constantly padding their vegetarian dishes with noodles, rice, and bread. Going 100% grain-free for 30 days would have been impossible without meat, unless I had been eating mostly salads, and that’s just boring.

The biggest challenge of them all, was giving up sugar, and not just sugar, all sweeteners: stevia, maple syrup, honey, cane sugar, agave, all of it. It wasn’t the biggest challenge because I missed my chocolate (technically I was allowed to have 100% cacao), but because sugar is in absolutely everything!! Seriously, go out and try to find a sweetner-free package of bacon. Go on. Try. I’ll give you $50 if you can and don’t have to order it online. Sugar is in everything, and it makes complete sense. We are programmed to crave sugar, salt, and fat for survival, but now that we can get all the food we need from the farmer’s market, grocery store, or restaurant, we have to use our willpower (don’t you wish you could pick up some extra willpower at the market?) to say no to all of those sweet, salty, and fat filled foods. Unfortunately, giving up all forms of sugar (minus naturally occurring fructose in fruits) I also had to give up dairy to avoid lactose. God, I missed butter.

Along with the soy, grains, and sugars, there were also no additives or preservatives allowed. This meant cooking most of my meals myself. I was definitely very conscious and actively planning my meals, a skill I believe many of my fellow 20-somethings lack. It was a wonderful learning experience in cultivating self-discipline.

While there has been some divide between Paleo and Weston Price, I must say that I learned some invaluable things about my body from this Whole30 dietary reset. I lost about 10 lbs. eating this way (I was not significantly over-weight when I started the program), my skin looked great, I had less body odor, I had no menstrual cramps and my period duration was about 3 days shorter than usual, and I slept great. That being said of the amazing results, it took a lot of painstaking withdrawal to get there—a true testament to the addictive qualities of processed, sugar-laden foods.

Whether you choose to follow a Weston A. Price diet, Paleo diet, vegetarian, or even vegan, listen to your body. Don’t let the ego and dogma come between you and your health. Many of us have forgotten to really listen to our bodies. What does joint pain mean? What does a cramp mean? Are you really hungry or is it just dehydration? What does your poop say? Sometimes these questions make us uncomfortable, or we forget to ask them because ignorance is bliss. Everyone’s body is different and needs different things, but eating an organic, whole food based plan is the bottom line. Whether your food is Vegan or Paleo, if it’s processed, it’s still processed.

I know we’re a few days past Day 30, but life came up, sickness, and blah blah blah. Sorry to keep you waiting, but here is the catch up!

The last few days were basically the countdown to me having to face my ability to keep up the diet and harness my self control (a very daunting task for a girl who loves to eat EVERYTHING!).  The last few days felt routine in the eating world, but still full of some very yummy food.


I also want to take a moment to talk about some lady aspects of Whole30, namely, the period.

I know that many women suffer from cramps. Some have them a little, and some have them to the point where they have to call in sick to work and lay on the couch for a day or two. It is no fun, no matter what end of the spectrum you wind up on.

This was the first period that I have had in almost 15 years without cramps! I don’t know if it was because I hadn’t been eating soy (which is my first guess), sugar (my second) , or dairy (it just might be), but no matter what the reason was I am so thankful. It was also shorter. Perhaps a little bit heavier over the course of the fewer days, but I am by no means complaining.

I hope all you other Whole30 ladies had the same happy realization!

Here are a few food photos from the last 4 days:

Boneless chicken thighs with broccoli, chunky olive tapenade, and sun dried tomatoes in coconut oil.

Boneless chicken thighs with broccoli, chunky olive tapenade, and sun dried tomatoes in coconut oil.

Soy and Sake-free Bulgogi with cauliflower, broiled cherry tomatoes and an arugula salad with sunflower seeds, pecans, strawberries and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Soy and Sake-free Bulgogi with cauliflower, broiled cherry tomatoes and an arugula salad with sunflower seeds, pecans, strawberries and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

The "before" of my first roast beef! Olive oil, S & P, and garlic rubbed eye of round.

The “before” of my first roast beef! Olive oil, S & P, and garlic rubbed eye of round.

The "After" shot. Beautiful!!

The “After” shot. Beautiful!!

Roast beef with homemade sweet potato fries and green beans with onion.

Roast beef with homemade sweet potato fries and green beans with onion.

Towards the end of my adventure I decided to cheat a little (only in the sense of not having anything normal "Paleo-fied). They are awesome!

Towards the end of my adventure I decided to cheat a little (only in the sense of not having anything normal “Paleo-fied). They are awesome!

Breakfast wraps with eggs and peppers.

Breakfast wraps with eggs and peppers.

All wrapped up!

All wrapped up!



I am definitely beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s slightly terrifying and also exciting.

Out of the five of us who started this Whole30 challenge only 3 of us are really still in the same game, and 3 out of 3 we are deciding to keep sticking with this plan. Maybe not so strictly worrying about every single ingredient in there so that eating out can actually happen without anxiety, but I think my grocery list will most likely reflect this grain-free, sugar-free, soy-free diet. That’s not to say that gluten-free oatmeal or quinoa for breakfast won’t happen in the colder months, or a bar of 70% dark chocolate (without soy lichen) may not make it into my shopping cart on occasion, and raw dairy will hopefully be coming back (assuming it still agrees with me), but I am definitely going to be a much more conscious and aware shopper and eater.

I’m getting a head of myself here… I just can’t stop thinking about how life may or may not change after the next 4 days…

Over the last 5 days, however, there has been a bunch of snacking, some pretty basic yet delicious meals, and some great hanging out with the people I love.


Ayrshire Bratwurst with fried eggs, greens, and grainy mustard. (If you also didn’t notice, I’m ready “Organic Manifesto” for work right now and it is AMAZING!!! I will definitely be blogging about that soon!)


Ayrshire bratwirst, kimchi, scrambled eggs with beet greens, and grainy mustard.


Tuna steak medallion marinated in s&p, ginger, garlic, toasted sesame seeds, crushed red pepper, coconut aminos, and rice vinegar cooked in coconut oil accompanied by shiitake mushrooms and baby bok choy cooked with s&p, garlic, and ginger in coconut oil with a big serving of kimchi.


Halibut cooked in s&p and coconut oil with a squirt of lemon, kimchi, and the previous night’s baby bok choy and shiitake mushrooms transformed into soup with homemade beef stock.


Coming back to my Weston Price breakfast roots with 3 fried eggs and a big mug of beef stock. 🙂

A whole week has gone by and I feel like there is some news but not too much. Part of that may because I’m just in the groove now so somethings have just lost that sparkle.

I’ve been eating a lot of snack and left overs and just trying to keep up with calorie consumption while not getting bored and staying motivated. It’s hard to believe that 20 days have already gone by.

I feel like every time a new level of Whole30 has been reached by body back slides a little bit. I’m really trying hard not to over analyze and worry, but when food is your main concern 24/7, it’s hard not to. For instance, my skin was looking great, and then I’d break out, and then it’d look great, and then again, break out. It’s still in that hormonal balancing area of the face like I mentioned last time, so I’m not sure if hormones are truly balancing, or if I’m just getting ready to have my period. I used to break out in this region of the face when I was younger, but it hasn’t been so much lately. The same yo-yo feeling has been going on with the weight loss/feeling as though I look bloated factor. Again, maybe it’s just my period, and I have to say I’m excited to see what my period is like on this diet. (Look out boys! You know that post will be coming at some point!)

All of this most likely comes back to sleep. Sleep. The foundation of our lives. I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of getting up early, and, ideally, getting to bed in time to grab a solid 8 hours. The only dilemma is that I’ve been pushing hard for the 4:30am wake up call. I have a lot of work to do lately between yoga, blogging, going to work, and reading homework (both actual homework for work as well as friend imposed homework), so getting up almost 2 hours before the sun gives me so much more time and freedom to get stuff done. However, in order to get 8 hours of sleep that means 8:30pm bed time, (It’s like I’m 8 years old again) and often I’m not even home till 9 or 10pm… Still working the kinks out on that…

Here are a few glimpses of meals that happened this past week.

Left over ground turkey curry over sautéed zucchini.

Left over ground turkey curry over sautéed zucchini.

My first attempt at homemade mayonnaise. Our pastured chickens' eggs made it super-duper yellow!

My first attempt at homemade mayonnaise. Our pastured chickens’ eggs made it super-duper yellow!

Mom's top-secret lamb burgers. I will tell you that they have toasted pine nuts in them ;)

Mom’s top-secret lamb burgers. I will tell you that they have toasted pine nuts in them 😉

Shrimp Salad (almost the same as the last time, but I used my runny mayonnaise as the dressing)

Shrimp Salad (almost the same as the last time, but I used my runny mayonnaise as the dressing)

All together with some green beans!

All together with some green beans!

Last night's dinner. Ayrshire Farm Bratwurst with roasted beets, sautéed beet greens, pastured eggs, Bubbies sauerkraut, and grainy mustard.

Last night’s dinner. Ayrshire Farm Bratwurst with roasted beets, sautéed beet greens, pastured eggs, Bubbies sauerkraut, and grainy mustard with tea.

Snack lunch. Baby carrots, smoked mackerel, and olive tapenade.

Snack lunch. Baby carrots, smoked mackerel, and olive tapenade.

Homegrown eggs and tomato scramble.

Homegrown eggs and tomato scramble.

Some of the most amazing cantaloup I've ever tasted!

Some of the most amazing cantaloup I’ve ever tasted!


Last night was a late night, so this post is going to be quick before Day 8 gets rolling!

Yesterday felt great! Energy felt normal to better than normal, and I think that was thanks to the decent night of sleep. Although, it was interesting having nightmares about cheating on Whole30 and having to start over again! Haha! The only downside to Day 7 was that the detox breakout began.

If you have ever heard of Face Mapping or believe in such things, my break out has been in the hormonal fluctuation section. I feel like on the one hand my skin is looking better since I haven’t been having any sugar, but the lack of soy, and probably some other additives I didn’t even realize were effecting my hormones, I’m sure is what is making my hormones start to even out somehow. I’ve even notice my sex drive has been revving up, too.

I had training all day yesterday for my new position at work, so my quest to consume less sugar didn’t quite work out. The tables we were sitting at were filled with snacks and fruit. I had baby carrots in my bag, but I also ate a bunch of fruit throughout the meeting, along with some SeaSnax (they are strangely addictive!) and a bunch of coffee.

For lunch I had to maneuver through the Naked Lunch counter at MOMs Organic Market in Rockville, MD. I could eat any of the items on the menu because they were all vegan and containing some type of grain and legume, but I designed my own sweet potato. It was one of the most delicious sweet potatoes of my life!!!

Baked sweet potato with raw red onions, avocado, bell pepper, tomatoes, and Mojito Pesto dressing. Yum!

Baked sweet potato with raw red onions, avocado, bell pepper, tomatoes, and Mojito Pesto dressing. Yum!

The hardest part about putting this together at the lunch counter was reading through all of the different dressings and figuring out what type of sauce I could go with. The Mojito Pesto was just perfect!


After training I came home and made sure I got some more veggie intake for the day. I picked up some Rainbow Chard and cooked it in ghee with garlic, salt, and pepper (my go to seasonings). I made a big batch so I could have some left for Day 8 leftovers.

Rainbow Chard, the most stunning of all the leafy greens!

Rainbow Chard, the most stunning of all the leafy greens!

So my pre yoga snack was some chard, nut butter, and a giant glass of water.

Pre-Yoga snack!

Pre-Yoga snack!

My post-yoga snack was a bison burger cooked in coconut oil with a grainy dijon mustard and then I snack on kumquats, grapes, and pistachios later in the evening hanging out with friends.

I was actually tired last night when I went to bed, and I slept. Like a rock. I think I may finally be catching up on some zzzzzz’s. Yay!

Sleep didn’t go as well as I hoped last night, but it was far better than the night before, so I can’t complain there!

I woke up and had a hardboiled egg wrapped in roast beef (possibly my new favorite snack), a handful of blueberries, and grabbed a cup of coffee with coconut milk on my way to Bethesda. Then I had enough time to swing by the house again on the way to work and ate some almond butter with the rest of my coffee. I love that I can drink as much coffee as I want on this, and I have been– even if I haven’t been documenting it.

When I went to work we were in a special diets class where we were covering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. The pros of working at MOMs Organic Market is there are so many great dietary options for everyone, including all of us doing the Whole30 challenge. Today, however, it was slightly torturous as everyone around me was tasting yummy sweets and other snacks. I grabbed a jar of applesauce, cashew butter, and SeaSnax to keep my appetite at bay, and lucked out when we got to the raw vegan section and I got to sample a few different nut and seed based savory treats.

After work I ate some smoked salmon, green olives stuffed with jalapeños, and some more cashew butter (it’s the new crack) before taking about a 3 mile walk around Theodore Roosevelt Island.

For dinner tonight, I sautéed an adorable heirloom zucchini in coconut oil with salt and pepper along with a fried egg and bison burger followed by a spoon full of almond butter for desert.

Sautéed heirloom zucchini, bison burger and fried egg.

Sautéed heirloom zucchini, bison burger and fried egg.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day, but I’m planning on trying to cut back on the fruit and nut butter since I can tell my body is working on me getting my sugar through them. I’ve been doing more research on sugar and how it’s processed in the body. I’m fairly certain that the lack of sugar and increase in protein has been keeping me up at night, so I also need to make sure I’m eating my protein at least 4 hours before bed.

Now it’s off to try to sleep again. Hopefully tonight will be better. I ate about 3 hours ago, so we’ll see.

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow with be a week!

Today was tough. Not because I was moody or sore, but because I was exhausted.

Last night I went to bed around 11pm and didn’t fall asleep until 4…a…m…

I tossed and turned and sweated and wished and prayed I could just fall asleep for 5 whole hours. So, when the alarm went of at 7am, I was less than thrilled.

When I woke up, I was barely hungry, but I knew I needed to eat, especially after the little I ate yesterday. I ate berries with chia and coconut on the way to the chiropractor (and boy did I appreciate that adjustment) and then headed to work. Once I got to work I realized how hungry I actually was after chatting with my fellow Whole30 co-worker who was noshing on some salami that smelled divine. So, I crushed a package of Applegate turkey bologna and some baby carrots.

That was when I got thirsty. The sodium content of the bologna just made me parched. I drank so much water, and more water, and more water.

Once my thirst had subsided, for lunch I ate salmon, a yellow pepper, an apple, cashew butter, and almond butter.



After work I had a very productive afternoon. I cleaned. It was amazing how much better and alert and clear it made me feel. I found myself sweating a lot so I drank a few huge glasses of water. Then, I ate a hardboiled egg wrapped in Applegate roast beef before I left to teach yoga.

Now I’ve just finished the left over steak and veggies that I mostly just ate the steak and avocado out of. Not feeling to hungry, but I will be eating a spoonful of almond butter shortly and hitting the hay. I’m hoping that I’ll sleep a heavy, solid sleep tonight since I’m basically sleep deprived.

Well, good night for now, and hopefully tomorrow morning I will be refreshed and well rested.

Today was definitely better than yesterday!

I slept okay. Still woke up sweating and had some tossing and turning, but had a crazy detox dream. In the dream I went to my pediatrician and he was pulling black goo out of my throat. Gross.

The alarm went off at 8:30am. I wanted to give myself more time to hopefully sleep. I woke up and headed to teach yoga. I picked up a black coffee and a banana at Starbucks on the way. (Boy was it weird not ordering a whole milk latte!) I taught my class and then had an impromptu photo shoot, so I wound up burning a ton of calories more than I expected.

I got home and had so much to do I only got to chug a big glass of water and then jumped in the car for a birthday party of a good family friend. I ate some fresh black currants (which were a super special find!) and pistachios on the way along with some original kombucha left over from the other day.

Fresh black currants.

Fresh black currants.

At the party, I ate the crudités (sans the dip) and sipped my kombucha as I watched everyone drink the bubbly, and eat little sausages and cheese and other yummy things wrapped in phyllo dough. Almost the entire party people were asking me why I was doing the Whole30, since clearly I was healthy and didn’t need to lose weight. Isn’t it funny how everyone always assumes you’re changing your diet to lose weight?

After the party I went to do AcroYoga, slack lining, and frisbee in the park. I ate some more black currants, pistachios, and some SeaSnax . Overall, not too many calories for the amount of activity I was doing.

So, why haven’t I been that hungry today??

I’m not sure, but for dinner I’m having chicken livers, beef stock in a mug, and some almond butter for dessert, just to make sure I can get some nutrient dense, high fat animal products along with a few big glasses of water.

This must be the most beautiful, darkest stock I have ever made!! The spoon even stands up in it cold. Awesome.

This must be the most beautiful, darkest stock I have ever made!! The spoon even stands up in it cold. Awesome.

Maybe this lack of appetite and better mood means I will finally sleep better tonight. One can only hope!

Today has been difficult. I was working so I didn’t really get a chance to eat a solid breakfast or lunch, although I did get to munch on some leftovers from yesterday.

It’s mostly been hard because I started getting headaches last night after posting about Day 2. I also woke up at 3 am drenched in sweat. I had been having hot flashes (keep in mind I’m 26, so we’re not talking menopausal… I hope.) the day and night before but hadn’t realized that they might actually be related to the Whole30. But today I’m certain of it. I’ve been having these temperature spikes all day whether its stress induced or just hits me. My hips have also been feeling much tighter and sore than usual.

After experiencing all of these withdrawal symptoms, I started googling and found out about something called the Carb Flu. These flu-like symptoms hit you while your body is transitioning to a strict paleo diet. It can be achey body (check), headaches (check), moodiness (check), shakiness and fatigue (check and double check). I’ve always been very conscious of what I put in my body, so I didn’t think that this transition would be as tough as it has become, but I’m certain that I will get through it and feel better soon. A lot of the posts I’ve seen say that the Carb Flu may last up to two weeks, but once you get through it you feel amazing, so that’s what I’m planning on.

To combat the sugar and carb with drawl I made a sweet potato with coconut butter, ghee, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut flakes, and a touch of sea salt for minerals, along with a GT Original Kombucha, so I’m hoping that these few naturally occurring sugars and starches with help my body chill the eff out!! (There’s that moodiness…)

Baked sweet potato with coconut butter, ghee, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut flakes and a touch of sea salt.

Baked sweet potato with coconut butter, ghee, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut flakes and a touch of sea salt.

I also made chicken liver and onions, both just flavored with salt, pepper, garlic, and ghee for a little extra nutrient dense snack.

Chicken livers and onions sautéed in salt, pepper, garlic, and ghee.

Chicken livers and onions sautéed in salt, pepper, garlic, and ghee.

For dinner I went to a friend’s house. I was sad that I couldn’t partake in their creamy dressed shrimp salad, so they helped me make my own Whole30 kosher salad on the side. Their dressing had homemade mayo (but the mustard had white wine in it) and yoghurt, so that was a no-go. My little salad was so perfect for dinner, though, and I barely missed the glass of white wine along with dinner or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for dessert.

Shrimp salad with grapefruit, avocado, cherry tomatoes, salted cucumbers, red onion, cilantro, Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, olive oil, and fresh ground pepper.

Shrimp salad with grapefruit, avocado, cherry tomatoes, salted cucumbers, red onion, cilantro, Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, olive oil, and fresh ground pepper.

Now to permit myself a good night sleep and hopefully no waking up sweaty!! Good Night, blog land!

Day 1 went really well!

I woke up, had three fried eggs (from our new baby pullets) and crimini mushrooms sautéed in Ghee with rosemary.


For lunch I more-so snacked. I know that on the Whole30 you’re more supposed to eat three main meals, but with my job, I rarely get the opportunity to sit down to lunch and usually just snack through the lunch hour or whenever I get a chance. I’m going to let this one rule slide simply because my body needs to be used to that since that’s just the way it is. I snacked on baby carrots, raw cashews, and hard boiled eggs.


Last night we went to see OAR play at Merriweather so I packed a bunch of snacks to get me through the evening, but I found I had already eaten them by the time we got to the lawn to watch the show. I ate seaweed snacks, blueberries, more cashews, and more baby carrots, but by the time we were inside I was STARVING!! I was luckily able to order two burger patties with absolutely nothing on them. The people at the stand were a little confused, but I was so thankful. I didn’t even have time to take a picture of my beef patties for the blog. They were ingested pronto, and I felt so much better.

Side Note: There was a girl at the concert who drank so much she was throwing up and because totally non-responsive and the EMTs took her away on a stretcher. While I hope she is okay, I have never felt better giving up alcohol for the next 30 days 🙂

So, what did I learn from Day 1? Eat more!! Even tho raw veggies and other things are safe, I still need to make sure that I am ingesting sufficient fats to feel satiated.  Bone broth/stock, eggs, meat, they are all super crucial and I need to start eating more of those when I’m hungry.