I am a food, animal, environment, choice, and freedom advocate.

My mom has been a member of Weston A. Price Foundation for over 10 years. We started drinking raw milk when I was in 7th grade. I used to think mom was weird fermenting things and going on and on about a fat filled diet, but as I’ve gotten older and struggled with my own relationship with food, I have begun to understand the work of Dr. Price and follow in her foodie foot steps.

On this journey, I have seen and met many farmers, cow sharers, and moms of all ages that have to fight for the right to drink raw milk– a magical substance with the ability to nourish our bodies and even fight health problems like asthma. Why the government continues demonize raw milk and try to tell us what we can and can’t put in our bodies, I don’t know.

I started this blog after realizing I have a responsiblity to do something. My generation needs to start learning about the importance of taking care of our earth, bodies, and community and start stepping up to the plate, because clearly the USDA isn’t giving us the real facts. Eating food that nourishes the body is crucial as more and more men and women become sick and even infertile. Now our ability to make those choices, like drinking raw milk, is under attack. We are the future, but there may be no future left if we continue on the path that Big Agriculture and current and past administrations have paved for us.

America was founded on the freedom to choose, but our government is telling us we don’t know what we are doing. They are restricting our choice to eat healthy, real food and are terrorizing and destroying small farmers who have been feeding this country for centuries.

This blog is my way to share information on the current war on food in the United States. It is my way to teach those who are seeking information to make healthy choices, to make it relevant to those 20 somethings out there who have never thought about it, and create a space for those other children of milk smugglers to connect with other like minded individuals.

Love to all the milk smugglers children out there!