Sleep didn’t go as well as I hoped last night, but it was far better than the night before, so I can’t complain there!

I woke up and had a hardboiled egg wrapped in roast beef (possibly my new favorite snack), a handful of blueberries, and grabbed a cup of coffee with coconut milk on my way to Bethesda. Then I had enough time to swing by the house again on the way to work and ate some almond butter with the rest of my coffee. I love that I can drink as much coffee as I want on this, and I have been– even if I haven’t been documenting it.

When I went to work we were in a special diets class where we were covering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. The pros of working at MOMs Organic Market is there are so many great dietary options for everyone, including all of us doing the Whole30 challenge. Today, however, it was slightly torturous as everyone around me was tasting yummy sweets and other snacks. I grabbed a jar of applesauce, cashew butter, and SeaSnax to keep my appetite at bay, and lucked out when we got to the raw vegan section and I got to sample a few different nut and seed based savory treats.

After work I ate some smoked salmon, green olives stuffed with jalapeños, and some more cashew butter (it’s the new crack) before taking about a 3 mile walk around Theodore Roosevelt Island.

For dinner tonight, I sautéed an adorable heirloom zucchini in coconut oil with salt and pepper along with a fried egg and bison burger followed by a spoon full of almond butter for desert.

Sautéed heirloom zucchini, bison burger and fried egg.

Sautéed heirloom zucchini, bison burger and fried egg.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day, but I’m planning on trying to cut back on the fruit and nut butter since I can tell my body is working on me getting my sugar through them. I’ve been doing more research on sugar and how it’s processed in the body. I’m fairly certain that the lack of sugar and increase in protein has been keeping me up at night, so I also need to make sure I’m eating my protein at least 4 hours before bed.

Now it’s off to try to sleep again. Hopefully tonight will be better. I ate about 3 hours ago, so we’ll see.

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow with be a week!