Today was tough. Not because I was moody or sore, but because I was exhausted.

Last night I went to bed around 11pm and didn’t fall asleep until 4…a…m…

I tossed and turned and sweated and wished and prayed I could just fall asleep for 5 whole hours. So, when the alarm went of at 7am, I was less than thrilled.

When I woke up, I was barely hungry, but I knew I needed to eat, especially after the little I ate yesterday. I ate berries with chia and coconut on the way to the chiropractor (and boy did I appreciate that adjustment) and then headed to work. Once I got to work I realized how hungry I actually was after chatting with my fellow Whole30 co-worker who was noshing on some salami that smelled divine. So, I crushed a package of Applegate turkey bologna and some baby carrots.

That was when I got thirsty. The sodium content of the bologna just made me parched. I drank so much water, and more water, and more water.

Once my thirst had subsided, for lunch I ate salmon, a yellow pepper, an apple, cashew butter, and almond butter.



After work I had a very productive afternoon. I cleaned. It was amazing how much better and alert and clear it made me feel. I found myself sweating a lot so I drank a few huge glasses of water. Then, I ate a hardboiled egg wrapped in Applegate roast beef before I left to teach yoga.

Now I’ve just finished the left over steak and veggies that I mostly just ate the steak and avocado out of. Not feeling to hungry, but I will be eating a spoonful of almond butter shortly and hitting the hay. I’m hoping that I’ll sleep a heavy, solid sleep tonight since I’m basically sleep deprived.

Well, good night for now, and hopefully tomorrow morning I will be refreshed and well rested.