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Tomorrow I am embarking on a new challenge.

I was approached by a co-worker at MOMs Organic Market and she was telling me about a number of people at the store who were going to be taking on the Whole30 diet. As soon as she told me about it, I was in!

Often times I tell people I eat Paleo just because it’s easier than explaining that I don’t eat wheat, soy, and try to eat very little corn.

It all started because my mom (the milk smuggler) did an elimination diet many years back finding that she had a sensitivity to gluten and an allergy to corn.  Many gluten-free products use corn as a substitute for wheat, and just about every processed food in the world has corn in it either as baking powder, corn starch, or that evil (high fructose) corn syrup. This meant that we naturally started eating mostly whole grains like rice, buckwheat, quinoa, and others as our carbs, and basically no processed foods.

When I was younger, I would take advantage of mom being out of town to have pizza with dad, or when I went to college I practically lived on ramen and macaroni. I had some serious acne, weight gain, and other nasty digestive issues arise. Eventually I realized, I needed to eliminate gluten, too.

So this challenge is going to take my gluten-free lifestyle to a whole new level. On the Whole30 diet there are no grains whatsoever, no dairy, no legumes, no additives or preservatives, no sugar in any form (not even stevia), and no nasty oils that start with C or S (besides coconut, which is allowed). I will be eating only meat, fish, eggs, lots of veggies, very little fruit (because, let’s face it, fruit has sugar, too), seeds, nuts, clarified butter or ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, and that’s close to it.

So from August 1st-30th I will be taking on the Whole30 and will keep you updated along the way! I am very excited to see where this takes me in my food journey and how my health improves. Please feel free to ask questions, offer recipes or advice, and maybe even join the challenge yourself!

Here we go!!


Add some color to your normal routine! Try a familiar vegetable in a new color, like purple potatoes, purple asparagus, golden beets, or many others! It’s the season of brightly colored produce!

Tonight for dinner I accompanied my Mild Italian Sausage from Ayrshire Farms in Upperville, VA with fermented kimchi for probiotics and thinly sliced Purple Potatoes baked in coconut oil, cultured butter, salt and pepper at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes stirring occasionally. Delish!