Warning: Rant Ahead

One of my good friend’s recently received a report back from her 7th grade daughter that she has been forced to purchase milk, yogurt, or an approved dairy product every day at lunch. The public school she attends offers conventional processed, ultra pasteurized dairy products a.k.a. FDA approved dairy. The FDA has also approved that children should be forced to purchase at least one approved dairy product with their meal to make sure that kids are getting the “nutrition” they need. My friend, being the wonderful, independent thinking woman that she is, was outraged at this news.

My friend may not drink raw milk, but she is still aware enough to understand that food that is overly processed is bad for you– including dairy.

Fairfax County, VA, where her daughter is in school, has removed chocolate and strawberry milk from their Elementary School menus after more and more parents have become aware of the massive amounts of sugar and high fructose corn syrup used to sweeten these artificial products. However, Middle School and High School students who have not been taught about good, let alone adequate, nutrition are still being forced to buy dairy, and most students are choosing dairy laden with sugar and dyes.

When my friend contacted to school to tell them not to force her daughter to buy processed dairy, she was informed that her daughter would need a doctor’s note. When she contracted her daughter’s doctor, the doctor would not write an exemption note unless the daughter tested positive for lactose intolerance.

Since when have doctors and public school officials known how to raise children better than their own parents? Will Social Services start showing up at our homes, looking in our cupboards to make sure our children are eating enough food deemed healthy by the FDA, backed by Big Ag and Bid Dairy?

I may not have kids yet, but I would die before I let someone else tell me or my children that they have to take the advice of a corrupt governmental department. It is my constitutional right to eat what I want to eat and raise my kids to the best of my ability. Come on, FDA… step off!

Jamie Oliver demonstrates how much sugar kids consume through milk.