My utmost apologies for being away for so long! Luckily, with the change of seasons my schedule has found more space, and thus allowing more me time and you time!

My inspiration today to get back on the wordpress was a fabulous article on Elephant Journal by Kate Leinweber.  (If you happen to be a yogi or yogini, you may have already stumbled upon this awesome site, but if you haven’t you should definitely check it out!) Kate’s article, “The Beauty of Fat” resonated with me at a very deep level.

Butter is always a guilty pleasure in the eyes of the American public. Much of that guilt is created based on what the FDA and heart specialists have been telling us since the early 80s. Margarine was a best seller at that time, and I’m sure most of us can still remember when margarine was always in the fridge. Some people still have margarine in the fridge regardless of the new studies that show that trans fats are bad for you.

I have always loved butter. Loved the taste, the smell, the texture, the everything about it! But, like Kate, I have struggled with the morality of eating meat and animal products, I’ve tried the raw vegan thing, the regular vegan thing, etc. I would feel really great for a while and then something would always come up, whether it was achy joints or acid re-flux. My mom would always tell me, “You need more fat.” It was my journey, though, so I did my thing and disregarded much of the advice I probably should have taken.

Our hearts, our brains, and our bodies need fat! It helps the body to stay smart, young, and supple. It boosts collagen and keeps our bodies healthy, baby making machines (Fertility rates are  dropping drastically all around us, especially among under weight women.) and society and media just continue to tell people that thin is healthy, this is pretty, thin is power. Well, it’s hard to be anything great if you’re not healthy.

So, it’s time to fight the media, and start listening to our bodies. Our bodies have been naturally programmed to crave 3 tastes: salt, fat and sweet. These are the three things that we need in moderation to survive. That’s the reason why cookies made with real butter taste so much better and the cream sauce on dinner is divine! That’s the reason why butter goes on bread, that’s the reason why real, healthy, natural fats are wonderful!

So put down your low-fat cook book and cook up some fat-filled cuisine! It’s time to love our bodies, love our curves, and eat what our bodies want to eat: FAT! (and don’t forget the vegetables!)