Today, Thursday, August 3, 2011, the Venice, California shop “Rawesome Foods” was raided by the FDA.

This is not Rawesome’s first raid. The FDA enjoys repeatedly raiding the same farmers, businesses and co-ops over and over, which you can witness for yourself in Farmageddon (the swat team security cam footage is from one of Rawesome’s former raids).

Rawesome Food sells fresh produce as well as raw cow, sheep, goat, and even camel milk. It has been reported that the FDA raid forced the store to dispose of $10,000 worth of raw dairy products. That is a huge loss for this small business.

The FDA is claiming to be protecting us from dangerous food, but what about the people who are willing to take the risk? What about those people who truly believe and know that the benefits of raw milk out weight the potential dangers.

If you are drinking clean, pasture raised, grass fed, local raw milk and know your distributor, you should have nothing to fear. What you should be fearing is the government who is slowly taking away our right to chose what we can put into our bodies.