Being in your 20s, you may often find yourself bombarded with questions like: what do you want to do with your life? If you’re dating someone you may get the question: when are you getting married?

I get all of those questions, but one of the ones I got not too long ago kind of caught me off guard. I was asked by one of my mom’s friends, “Why aren’t you a member of Weston A. Price?” The question seemed simple. It was refreshing to get a question that wasn’t about making life decisions, but the question was then followed up, “We need more people your age to join so you can start eating right, and when you start having babies you can bring them up on healthy food and show people how it’s done.”

This woman, all be it my mother’s friend, does not fall into the baby boomers category. She is a tall, beautiful, blond haired, blue eyed 30 something mother of 2 equally beautiful toddlers. She is (hopefully) me in 10 years.

Most 20 somethings are trying not to get pregnant right now. Most women my age are on the pill (which has many harmful risks!) and doing everything in their power to not get pregnant! Having babies just doesn’t fit into the schedule or financial picture at this point in most of our lives. But it happens.

It’s crazy to think, but women who have the potential to have children anytime in the near future, need to be thinking about what they put in their bodies! Pregnant women need to think about their diets, and they do! Pregnant women are constantly agonizing over which cheese is okay to eat, they only order decaf, and often change their eating habits completely! Having a detoxified body during pregnancy, however, can only do so much. From the moment the egg is formed (before you’re pregnant), that’s when we need to be thinking about what is going in our bodies!

If you don’t like babies and are determined to never create little monsters or are an amazing environmentalist who doesn’t want to add to the ever increasing global population that puts stress on our ever dwindling resources, fine. Eat what you want and retox to your heart’s content. But for those of us who hope to one day experience the life of an incubator and push a little sea monkey out, we have some responsibility to keep our body clean.

So, whether or not you actually join Weston A. Price and accept their tradition based diet, think about moving towards a cleaner diet filled with whole foods, lots of raw veggies and fruits, and maybe even adding green smoothies into your daily routine. Even if you don’t have a baby any time soon, I’m sure you will feel 100% healthier and more energetic, and there’s nothing wrong with that!